To Assembly or Not To Assembly

Imagine from the customer’s point of view, they walk into your brick and mortar location after surfing your website for days looking for a new furniture set for their new home. They have looked at many of your competitors and have finally decided that they want to come down to your location and take a quick look in person to make sure that it is the right size, color, specifications. We all know that sometimes things can look a little different online.

They stroll into your store and head to the furniture department only to find that the department is hosting broken, poorly assembled furniture.  Disappointed, the customers leave to go to a competitor’s store and their wallet share is spent elsewhere.

Often retailers spend a large portion of their budget on creating beautiful end caps and assembling furniture to capture the wallet share of customers. Corporate sends out planograms and works with vendors to buy the best merchandise to sell to their customers. However, brick-and-mortar locations are not always able to complete the assembly either up to specification or at all.

It can be very unappealing to customers if they head to their local store to purchase a new desk for their home office and find only poorly assembled, or broken furniture or worse yet they are still in boxes. If a customer can’t see it, then how can they purchase it? It is the same issue retailers experience when there is an Out-Of-Stock. Imagine the vast amount of wallet share lost from unassembled furniture. Even if the furniture is assembled, but is broken, poorly assembled, or missing its parts, this adds yet another issue to actually moving the merchandise off the shelf.

This is why plenty of retailers are choosing to use an assembly service, like our National Assembly Services team. We are capable of not only in-store assembly, but also in home, in office and corporate assembly, making us unique with in our industry.  We are also a truly national company with capabilities in every state, with multiple services outside your regular assembly services.