Holiday Assemblies…We Can Help

The rapid succession of the holidays is coming up rather quickly. It is that unique time when you can walk into a retail store and see Halloween candy, Thanksgiving items and the beginning of Christmas decorations popping up all around. In just a few short weeks, everyone will start to focus their attention on the holiday shopping list. Just for fun this year, place a star next to anything that you will be purchasing that requires some sort of assembly. I’ve done this in recent years and found that 33% of what I’m going to purchase for holiday gifts, needs some sort of product assembly! Will your list include any furniture, exercise equipment, large toys, BBQ grills, outdoor dining or pool furniture, fire pits, or gazebos? If so, think about the assembly of those items, after the wrapping paper and bow comes off of that wonderful gift. The receiver could be looking at 2 to 8 hours of assembly. They may also find some frustration in the fact that they may not have the proper tools to complete the assembly.

With having many children, I’ve seen some very thoughtful gift givers attach batteries to toys they have given my children, where it stated on the box “batteries not included”. This was awesome as the kids could just open up the box, insert the batteries and enjoy the gift immediately. With this same line of thinking you should consider having the gift you purchase for that special someone, professionally assembled either before the holiday or after, right in the comfort of their own home!

National Assembly Services provides professional assembly services at retailers around the country, but we also provide the very personal touch…home assembly services! Are you planning on a new gas grill for Dad? If so, take it a step further and have it assembled right where Dad wants it with our professional grill assembly service. How about that desk and chair that you are planning to buy your teenage daughter? Have our in home assembly team assemble it, so she can start using it immediately. The gift will look so much better, fully assembled and in her space, than in a drab looking box that shows a picture of the assembled desk.

Getting back to the 33% of gifts that need to be assembled, I have a message for all of the retailers. One third of your customers can use this service! One in three of your customers will purchase something that requires some sort of assembly. If we go through any of your checkouts, we are asked about adding a warranty for protection of most items purchased. Why not consider offering assembly of those products as well? All retailers are looking for that great customer experience, where they shop your store not only for the product, but all of the solutions you provide as well for that product. Offering them everything they could possibly need for that product makes you the full service solution and keeps your customers coming back, year after year (hopefully…week after week!). On site assembly services are a great option for your customers and can very profitable for the retailer as well. National Assembly Services offers many options in the assembly market. We can assemble products in your stores and in your customer’s homes. Reach out to us today for information about a program that would help you drive sales and win loyal customers! Receive a complimentary quote by visiting or by contacting a service representative at the toll free number (877) NAS-2862.