To Sit Or Stand? … Don’t Forget The Assembly!

There are times when you will sit down to work at your office and before you know it, five hours have passed before you’ve gotten out of your chair. As soon as you get up, you feel some little aches and pains from having been in the same position for such a long period of time. The first thing you do is stretch your muscles, before walking out of your office to get that much needed cup of coffee. Your body is just demanding movement!

There is much in the news about standing and moving at work. Joseph Stromberg wrote an article on titled “Five Health Benefits of Standing Desks”. Mr. Stromberg states that “Spending more of your day standing could reduce the risk of obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular disease and cancer.”
Think about it. How many times do you spend the whole day sitting at work, then head home and share a meal with your family for friends (seated) and then watch a little TV (seated)? Just think about all the time you spend seated and it will really amaze you.

“Much of this research has been spurred by James Levine, an endocrinologist at the Mayo Clinic. “The way we live now is to sit all day, occasionally punctuated by a walk from the parking lot to the office,” he recently said during a phone interview, speaking as he strolled around his living room. “The default has become to sit. We need the default to be standing.””

National Assembly Services recently started to work with Ergotron and have been assembling their WorkFit products! These products are designed to enable their users to both sit and stand at work. The proper assembly of these items is crucial as everyone is different and has different adjustment needs, based on size when standing, eye level to screens and ease of moving the WorkFit to the desired heights and angles.
According to Ergotron, these WorkFit items not only deliver the health benefits, but can also increase productivity within the office! The benefit of having a dual screen has proven to increase productivity up to 30%!

Ergotron products are sold by many furniture retailers and e-commerce companies, including Staples. If you are looking to get out of a sedentary position at work, these products can help you. National Assembly Services can also help you get up and running with the personalized assembly of these products in your home and office. Whether you are looking for a great holiday gift for your loved one or are looking to outfit your entire office with a healthy and productive product, please check out Another great site that has an easy calculator, to see how long you sit each day, head over to and take the challenge.