The Importance of Furniture Maintenance

Have you ever walked through the furniture section of a store only to find handles, knobs and drawers missing on all the displays? Do you often find yourself wanting to purchase those items that appear broken? How much confidence do you have in your ability to assembly that furniture if even the store is incapable of correctly assembling the furniture?

All of these questions are reasonable when confronted with broken or incorrectly assembled furniture. If the store is not able to correctly assemble the furniture, or worse yet doesn’t even care to, it does not compel consumers to purchase the furniture with the result of experiencing loss of revenue. Even if it is only in one of retailer’s stores there is loss of revenue. Imagine if all of a retailer’s stores were like this. The massive amounts of revenue lost simply because of broken or improperly assembled equipment.

However this issue is very common, most stores experience this. The way this issue comes about is usually because customer’s come back in after purchasing a piece of furniture that is missing certain essential parts. In fact many customers claim they didn’t even receive all the parts in the boxes and come back to the store to complain, looking for the missing parts.

The store, that does not want to open another box, will often give the customer the parts from the display which means that now retailer’s displays are missing important parts.  If you don’t have a furniture maintenance service that comes in and executes In Store Assembly, your displays will sit butchered, until the next planogram refresh, which will really impact your sales.

The end result being that if customers are not able to see correctly assembled furniture, which not all stores are capable of staying on top of, then customers will not be able to visualize how they will appear in their homes and most likely not be interested in purchasing those items.