Spread The Good Words – Professional Assembly

I am almost positive that most of population in the United States uses a search engine, each day, for work or pleasure.

There is a little noticed line that shows how many results were returned for whatever word or phrase you were searching. The line usually reads: “About 100,000,000 Results (0.48 Seconds)”. The more general the topic or word, the more results that usually come back.

I placed into Google the word “Furniture” and received “About 282,000,000 results” and then narrowed it down to “Office Furniture” and received “About 182,000,000 results”. Infant Furniture showed 31 million results and BBQ Grills show about 4 million results. Add them all up and there are many people who are either talking about, writing about, advertising, and posting things about the product we build every day for our customers!

If I place into Google the words “Furniture Assembly” or Professional Assembly”, I get a total of 40 million results. Just some simple math shows me that if I put the results for assembly up against the results for the products we assemble for customer’s, that about 8% of the people that use that search engine for the products are also looking for assembly of those products.

What is my point, you may ask? Well…what we find in our business is that many people don’t know that our service exists! Once they find out, they overjoyed at the fact that they don’t have to do this on their own and they have the choice to use a professional assembly company!

I once had a customer tell me that if they knew that our service existed that it would have changed their whole philosophy on buying furniture.

So spread the good news! National Assembly Services will come to your home, office, or retail store to build your Ready To Assemble items! Unmatched quality at a very affordable price! National Assembly Services assembles office furniture, outdoor furniture, gas grills, infant furniture, bedroom furniture, exercise equipment, and much more.

If you are an omni-channel retailer or manufacturer that sells furniture, National Assembly Services can help you as well! Your customers are looking for a full service solution for their purchase. We work with you to provide a very innovative solution for you customers and help you add more profit to your sales. We are pioneers in offering assembly services on e-commerce sites and can help you build sales and profits.

Contact us today and let us help you with your customers or your purchase!