National Assembly Services = Solutions

Living in a large apartment complex, I’m now accustomed to the loud sounds of Monday morning deliveries, especially since my windows face the large hall that any delivery person must come through in order to service people in my building. Today caught my eyes and ears when the first truck unloaded an entire apartment load of furniture from a company that rents furniture to those who are staying temporarily due to corporate relocation. This was for the open apartment next to me. The second truck that pulled up shortly after that was a Staples truck, which was delivering an office desk, chair and supplies. About an hour had passed and a knock came upon my door. It was my new neighbors, asking if they could borrow some simple tools. They happened to be in luck as I’ve been assembling furniture for many years and was able to give them the simple tools they required, but was also able to give them some great advice, should they want to spend their valuable time doing something other than assembling the new furniture. I showed them on my laptop how they could have purchased professional furniture assembly from, when they had ordered their furniture. When they had ordered their furniture about one month prior to moving, the assembly option was not available on yet. added a critical service option to all furniture items on Customers can choose to have a professional assembly technician visit their home or office to build the items they purchase from! It is as simple as one click! My new neighbors were ecstatic with this option as they really didn’t plan on the time investment needed to work on the assembly of the items that had arrived in their new home, all at once. They needed to settle into new jobs, in a new community and in a new geographical area. Their personal items (such as tools) had not arrived from the moving service yet and it left them with the frustrated and helpless feeling of standing in a new home with boxes all around them, not knowing what to attack first. I gave them the web address and phone number to the National Assembly Services call center and put them in touch with someone who could help them immediately. National Assembly Services was actually able to get someone out to their new home, same day, to complete the assembly of their desk and chair. They will also be calling them again when their bedroom and deck furniture arrives!

National Assembly Services handles all types of assembly, and assembles all types of products from office furniture, patio furniture, children’s furniture (cribs, bunk beds, day beds, dressers and armoires) to BBQ grills, deck boxes, and exercise equipment! National Assembly Services is a proud partner of, who is the first nationwide retailer to offer the purchase of an in-home assembly service both in-store and online for their customers.

As with all ready to assemble items, you can attempt to follow directions and put the furniture together but in the fast paced world that we live in today, who has the time to spend many hours assembling a desk, hutch, file and chair? Leave the assembly to the professionals, who will come to your home or office at a time that is convenient for you! We’ll make sure your new product is assembled right. If you have already started an assembly and find yourself stuck in the process, or just ran out of time, we can still help you. Just visit or call for a personalized quote and to schedule an appointment – 877-NAS-2862.