Black Hole

We see the world of retail closing brick and mortar stores by the bushel basket and not opening any new stores. This seems to be a trend that is taking place now that the world has taken to online shopping. Retailers have gone to incredible lengths to make sure the on-line shopper gets the fastest possible shipping and best customer service, to cash in on this shift in customer shopping habits. Customers have really taken to not leaving their living room and fighting long lines and out of stocks at stores.

There seems to be a black hole between some normal customer service that is offered in store, that is not offered by many online retailers. One of those services that gets lost is offering customers professional assembly for all types of items that require assembly in a customer’s home or business.

In speaking with many customer service agents and supervisors at both retailers and e-commerce providers, one common thread seems to appear with their customers. They point out the following about furniture, exercise equipment, and gas/charcoal BBQ Grills:

• I didn’t know this required assembly when I ordered it?
• These instructions don’t make sense and I can’t assemble it!
• I want to return this item. It is too hard to assemble!
• I don’t have the necessary tools to assemble this item

These agents often have to give discounts or even go as far to have the items picked up and brought back to the distribution center. Many times these items have been opened or partially assembled and then become a loss to the seller.

Online sellers of these products would do very well in offering a professional assembly option with any item that requires assembly. Not only is it a profit center for them, but it is also a way to completely satisfy their customers and make them repeat/loyal customers!

This is a huge black hole that online retailers should consider going forward. There are millions of customers that are out there as possible sales of this much needed service.